What we offer

Guidance and experience with the Twelve Step Process and its application into daily life. Each guest attains full-time employment, develop responsible behaviors, and learns to enjoy a sober and purposeful life. We will teach you how to take and live the steps. Groups throughout the day ranging from meditation, workshops, and speaker-discussions. Around the clock staff supervision and drug-testing. A strongly bonded community working towards the same goal.

How to get in

Call or email with any inquiries about availability and pricing. All potential guests must be medically cleared from a detox before entering. The levels of your stay may differ if you are entering from a primary thirty-day rehab stay. A phone interview is required of all incoming guests before being accepted.

Who Comes Here

This is different. Many of us have tried other methods and were unsuccessful until finding the Twelve Step Process. Most of us just thought they were suggestions on a banner at an AA meeting. Here is where we learn that they are a so much more than that, they become an integral part of our lives.

Long Term Treatment

We recommend a stay of 6-9 months to work through the program and leave on a strong footing. Long term treatment is where the most success is found. The levels of stay and skills taught at the Brook Retreat prepare guests for a smooth transition into independent living.

Three Levels of Growth and Progress

The step process is a design for living that cannot be learned in one month. Throughout your stay you will be progressing through the process and gaining freedom from the pain of being without drugs or alcohol. We start with an intensive immersion into the process, and slowly but surely we learn how to live the process given the tools we are given to stay sober and lead happy, purposeful lives.
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Make a beginning.

Get acclamated. Learn about the problem. Learn about the solution. Buy in and start solving it. This is the most intensive period of the step process. All daily groups are mandatory until a guest passes into the second level.
Steps 1-7.
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Less Structure. More freedom. Practice the new design for living.

Once having completed steps 1-7, each guest is required to seek employment. Required mandatory meetings are decreased along with coming off of the restriction period. This level allows for a slow reintegration into living a sober life in the step process.
Steps 8-12
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Maintenance and Progression.

We use the last 3 steps to maintain our new found freedom on a daily basis. We find a purposeful and meaningful life. During this stage guests are a positive role model to those in the earlier stages of the process. Upon graduation, many stay in the area to be around other members of the community.
Steps 10-12


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